QT Dialogs Without Titlebar on Gnome 3 (Fedora)

I am writing a program in QT that uses an SQLite database. I ran the software and was presented with a "file open" dialog for no apparent reason, and I had no idea what I was being asked.
Dialog With No Title Bar
The title bar is very clear on what is desired, but, there is some interaction between Gnome 3 and Qt that caused this to not display. This is the code used to display the dialog:

  1. path = QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory(this, "Select DB Path", path);

Updating a Garmin on Fedora 18 Using VMWare

I tried to update my Garmin Nüvi 3590 today. When I connected the device to my computer, Fedora 18 immediately connected the device as a USB storage device. Although this is typically desired, my Windows VM was then unable to take the device and connect to it so that I could update the maps. Annoying. I tried a few things, and none of them worked, so I finally started VMWare as root, started a copy of my VM (so that I did not change the permissions on the VM). What do you know.... when the VM runs as root, it is able to disconnect the device and connect it to the VM.

Fedora 18 boots with no video

My operating system of choice is Fedora and I have it running on multiple computers. One of the computers has the partition containing the "home" directories encrypted, so I am required to enter a password every time the computer boots. It is common for this machine to boot to a blank screen.

Problems with LibreOffice 4.0.0

LibreOffice 4 was finally released, and it is in many ways improved over the previous version 3. Unfortunately, it also introduces a bug that seriously affects me, and it may, or may not, affect you.

I wrote an add-on that adds color to source code and XML. Consider the subroutine shown below:

  1. '****************************************************************
  2. '** Create and return a PropertyValue structure.
  3. '****************************************************************

Dewalt treated me well

June 2010 I had surgery and was not able to mow my yard, so when a man named Steve Feasel offered to mow my yard for two months for $136, I thought that it was a good idea. Well, he took the money and was not seen again. I could dwell on the people that cheated me, but, sometimes it is much better to remember those that treated you well.

Create your own datatype in StarBasic

I felt like posting an example in OOo Basic (StarBasic) so I decided to create my own data type.

  1. Type PersonType
  2.   FirstName As String
  3.   LastName As String
  4. End Type
  6. Sub ExampleCreateNewType
  7.   Dim Person(100) As PersonType
  8.   Person(0).FirstName = "Andrew"
  9.   Person(0).LastName  = "Pitonyak"
  10.   PrintPerson(Person(0)) 
  11. End Sub
  13. Sub PrintPerson(x)
  14.   Print "Person = " & x.FirstName & " " & x.LastName
  15. End Sub 

Editing sub-items in a listview using Visual Basic (VB.NET)

Although I know much more about StarBasic than I do about VB.NET, I am working a project in VB.NET. I decided that I wanted to provide edit controls in a ListView. The easy solution is to set the LabelEdit property to true and then in a double click handler (or similar), you add code like this:

  1. ListViewVarName.SelectedItems(0).BeginEdit()

Setting the classpath in Eclipse

I am very comfortable at a command line prompt and a simple text editor to produce code. Sure, I prefer to use a smart code editor that is context aware, but, when things fall apart, my simple text editor always comes through for me. On a Windows machine, I use TSE Pro for Windows (see http://www.semware.com/). Many years ago, I wrote an article comparing different programming editors for OS/2 (yea, that was a long time ago), and TSE Pro was my favorite. Well, I still use it; now if only there was a Linux version.

Configuring Skype for sound on Fedora 13

I installed a Logitech 2 MP HD Webcam Pro 9000 with Built-in Microphone. This works very well on my Fedora system. Unfortunately, sound did not work with skype.

Step 1:
Use System > Preferences > Sound to open the Sound Preferences dialog. Click on the Input tab and choose your input source. If I disconnect the Logitech Pro 9000 while Fedora is running, my input device changes from "Webcam Pro 9000 Analog Mono" to "Internal Audio Analog Stereo".

Step 2:

Updating to Fedora 13

I decided to upgrade from Fedora 12 to Fedora 13 the other day. I followed most of the usual recommendations


I did experience a few difficulties. In fact, I have likely not found all of the little gotchas yet, but, this is what I know so far:

I usually try to install the 64-bit standard distribution of OpenOffice.org, as opposed to the Fedora built release. I totally ignored this and I had to uninstall and then re-install OOo before it would function. So, that was problem 1, and it was not really a surprise.

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