Dewalt treated me well

June 2010 I had surgery and was not able to mow my yard, so when a man named Steve Feasel offered to mow my yard for two months for $136, I thought that it was a good idea. Well, he took the money and was not seen again. I could dwell on the people that cheated me, but, sometimes it is much better to remember those that treated you well.

I ordered a DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand with Integrated Mobile Base to use with my DEWALT DW 735 planer. It took some time to assemble the stand. When I unpacked the top, I saw that it had been damaged in shipping. After spending time assembling the rest of the mobile base, I did not want to take it apart and return the entire base, so I called DEWALT. DEWALT immediately sent me a replacement top and I have been enjoying my mobile base ever since.

Thanks DEWALT!