Finding A Doctor Is Difficult

There are all sorts of medical doctors in my family, which means that I am used to being referred to Doctors that match my personality and that treat me well. When I moved to Columbus Ohio, I was suddenly in new territory.

While in college, I visited a doctor at the university clinic for the students. I had trouble convincing the doctor that my injury was not related to a weekend of binge drinking. Although I am not adverse to an occasional alcoholic beverage, I never drink at that level, and have never seen people drink to that level. The doctor assumed that I was a typical partying college kid, as opposed to a somewhat risk adverse rule follower that is uncomfortable around that sort of behavior.

Also while in college, I visited the college dental school. You might say that I did not hit it off well with overseeing doctor. Now, years later, I believe that she was looking for things for students to do. At the time, I knew that I had just seen my regular dentist who was 200 miles away, and I just wanted a bite plate. The doctor told me that I required roughly six fillings, two of which would certainly require a root canal if not handled immediately. She also told me that I required periodontic surgery. She did was not aware that I had seen another dentist one week earlier, and he had said that everything looked good, but, I needed to floss more. I guess that I angered the college doctor when I asked her if she was sure.

Somewhere in this mess, I met doctors that I not only like, but pretty much love. As an example, consider my primary care physician, Douglas R. Schumacher (phone: 614-299-9909 at 1275 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, OH 43213). First, he is probably the best diagnostician that I know with my limited exposure, but one medical professional provide this assessment unsolicited. I have brought a couple of people to see him with long running problems that had not been dealt with by multiple doctors (problems dismissed or mis-diagnosed). One of my prime examples of this is my wife, who had troubles for years and had seen doctors in both the USA and in Japan. They all dismissed her symptoms as nervousness or similar, and my wife accepted that. Well, when I married her and she moved to Ohio, I told her that dismissing her problems was not an option and took her to Dr. Shumacher. On the first visit he nailed the problem (IBS), prescribed medications that pretty much changed her life, then referred her to a specialist to verify his diagnosis.

Unfortunately, he is not a miracle worker, but Dr. Schumacher does pursue the problem. It took a few visits and multiple tests for Sjögren's syndrome. Again, a referral to an appropriate specialist brought agreement with both the diagnosis and initial treatment plan. When I injured my leg, he had the correct diagnosis, but, it was the specialist that indicated that I needed to add stretches to my recovery regime.

While spreading the love of Dr. Schumacher, let me add a love/hate comment. He always seems to spend significant time with his patients. The negative side of this is that he spends much time with his patients, which can run havoc with wait times. It is not always the case that there is a long wait to see him, but, I always expect it.

I could rant about his good personality (bring him a joke if you go), or mention that my wife once said that he was kind-of cute (he told me that I have an attractive wife, yeah, she is pretty hot), but, I have probably said enough so I will simply add that Dr. Schumacher has his own practice and he also works with Radiant Research for medical studies.

While sharing “doctor love”, I should mention my dentist, Dr. Kurt Ayers at 4601 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43214-2043, phone: (614) 263-1662. When is the last time that you went to a dentist that cleaned your teeth personally? My dentist always cleans my teeth personally, he does a great job, and has a wonderful gentle personality.

I had a coworker that was terrified of dentists, so, he did not go for many years. After visiting Dr. Ayers on my recommendation, my coworker said that “Dr. Ayers was very professional”. A few of my other friends now visit him, even though they need to drive a distance to do so.

I could continue to spread the doctor love, but, I am out of time for today...