Updating to Fedora 13

I decided to upgrade from Fedora 12 to Fedora 13 the other day. I followed most of the usual recommendations


I did experience a few difficulties. In fact, I have likely not found all of the little gotchas yet, but, this is what I know so far:

I usually try to install the 64-bit standard distribution of OpenOffice.org, as opposed to the Fedora built release. I totally ignored this and I had to uninstall and then re-install OOo before it would function. So, that was problem 1, and it was not really a surprise.

Problem 2 is related to SELinux. I disabled SELinux in Fedora 12 because I had trouble with a few items such as SAMBA. Upgrading to Fedora 13 enabled SELinux. Initially I noticed two issues (and I have not yet checked Samba). First, deny hosts was not able to update /etc/hosts.deny. The second issue was that if I connected to my computer with ssh, I had an initial error that I did not have permission to change to my home directory. If I then manually issued the cd command, I could go to my home directory with no problem. It was very odd.

I issued the command "system-config-selinux" from the command line to open the SELinux Administration dialog. The Status window indicated that the current mode was enforcing. I placed a check next to "Relabel on next reboot", and then I rebooted my computer. This relabels your entire file system. After this, denyhost and ssh both seem to work as expected.

And then, just a few days later (and a few updates later), SELinux raises its ugly head yet again:

login as: some_name
some_name@some_host_name's password:
Last login: Wed Jun 16 12:53:32 2010 from www.openoffice.org
Could not chdir to home directory /homes/some_name: Permission denied

So sad... time to rinse and repeat!