Macros Explained, third edition

I wrote the book macros Explained. I created a second edition and a translation was finished in German; neither was published. Why? I am sure it was related to sales. My free documents are downloaded very often, but convincing people to part with money for a book is a bit more difficult. The end result was no second edition and no German edition.

Finding A Doctor Is Difficult

There are all sorts of medical doctors in my family, which means that I am used to being referred to Doctors that match my personality and that treat me well. When I moved to Columbus Ohio, I was suddenly in new territory.

Moving Reports From Crystal Reports Between Machines

A windows computer had both Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft SQL 2008 installed. I experienced no problems until I started editing Crystal Reports. Everything worked great until I updated or added the report into the source code repository and people on other computers attempted to use the reports. No matter what we did, the reports failed elsewhere (the report tried to connect back to my personal machine).

Designing An Ontology In OWL - Every object must use this property

My last posting Designing An Ontology In OWL - Using A Domain Or Range dealt with the domain and range values on properties. Consider a class Author and a property is_author_of that has a domain of Author. This means that it maps Authors to the thing that they authored. Using the property, therefore, allows an inference engine to determine that an individual is of type Author because it has the property is_author_of.

Designing An Ontology In OWL - Using A Domain Or Range

Designing an Ontology (using the Web Ontology Language – OWL) can be a difficult thing. Creating a model is difficult on its own, and it is further complicated by the subtleties of the language. Consider an Ontology with the following classes and properties

  • Class Cat

  • Class Dog

  • Class Person

  • Class Male is subclass of Person

  • Class Female is subclass of Person

  • Object Property Has_Brother maps a Person (domain) to a Male (range)

  • Object Property Has_Sister maps a Person (domain) to a Female (range)

  • Person Bob

Accessing Photographs On Smugmug using Java

I store many of my photographs on smugmug (see They gave me a "coupon" to use that will save you $5 on your renewal (and if you use it, I save $10 on mine). The code is: Rl0h94ubYv13o

The upload client from Linux does not work well, so I am investigating accessing the website using restful web services. Step 1, obtain an account. Step 2, request a key that allows me to use the web services. Note that the key is free for the asking and they respond promptly.

GeSHi Filter for syntax highlighting

The GeSHi filter was installed so that I can provide code snippets with syntax highlighting. This is a test of that capability. Here are some samples:

First, code with lang="cpp-qt"

  1. int TestNestedExceptions::qt_metacall(QMetaObject::Call _c, int _id, void **_a)
  2. {
  3.     _id = QObject::qt_metacall(_c, _id, _a);
  4.     if (_id < 0)
  5.         return _id;
  6.     if (_c == QMetaObject::InvokeMetaMethod) {
  7.         switch (_id) {
  8.         case 0: nestTwo(); break;
  9.         default: ;
  10.         }
  11.         _id -= 1;
  12.     }
  13.     return _id;
  14. }

Now, a BASH script.

And the blog begins

I am best known for my work in, especially as it relates to macros. I do, however, dabble in many different areas, and I have numerous documents on numerous topics, I just do not choose to publish all of them.

I decided that I would try Blogging as a means of making information available.

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