Problems with LibreOffice 4.0.0

LibreOffice 4 was finally released, and it is in many ways improved over the previous version 3. Unfortunately, it also introduces a bug that seriously affects me, and it may, or may not, affect you.

I wrote an add-on that adds color to source code and XML. Consider the subroutine shown below:

  1. '****************************************************************
  2. '** Create and return a PropertyValue structure.
  3. '**************************************************************** Macros Explained, third edition

I wrote the book macros Explained. I created a second edition and a translation was finished in German; neither was published. Why? I am sure it was related to sales. My free documents are downloaded very often, but convincing people to part with money for a book is a bit more difficult. The end result was no second edition and no German edition.

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